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Top 10 Lies About T-SPLOST

In action to update its state Party platform in 2011, the Georgia Green Party tempered its support for "communities that put housing, workplaces and shopping all within walking and bicycling distance," by adding:

"Even so, the Georgia Green Party unequivocally opposes the greenwashed, gentrifying real estate and bond scam that the corporate media and our elected officials call the beltline. Borrowing billions of dollars at loan shark interest rates to benefit well-connected developers intent on displacing Atlanta residents and taxpayers for new housing stock they could never afford, is not the way to go. The job creation numbers fronted by beltline advocates are outrageous and unsubstantiated. The beltline budgets vitally depend on federal money of which there is no guarantee. The streetcar lines seem more focused on selling imagery to tourists than serving the woefully underserved yet real needs of Atlanta transit riders. The beltline proposes to pay the bond issue back with hundreds of millions of dollars that would otherwise go to the Atlanta Public Schools, where our teachers subsidize their meager materials budgets from their own small paychecks. We reject the notion that Greening our cities must take place at the expense of the very residents our governments are elected to serve. The corruption of public resources and public institutions for private profit is apparent in the beltline proposal, which constitutes another piece of manifest criminal malfeasance."