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About the Georgia Green Party

The Georgia Green Party exists to confront the crisis of our times. Georgians have organized explicitly as Greens since at least 1989. The Georgia Green Party first filed its governing documents with the Secretary of State in 1996. We affiliated what is now the Green Party of the United States as a result of changes adopted at our 1998 Wrightsville Convention. Since then we have held annual conventions, many of them as nominating conventions and fielded over thirty candidates for state and local office, as well as slates of Presidential Electors at four year intervals.


Too often our candidates have been forced to run as write-ins. A handful of our candidates have appeared on the ballot in non-partisan races or successfully surmounted Georgia's ballot access barriers in local races in some of Georgia's smaller jurisdictions. We have litigated, advocated for legislative relief from and worked doors and public events for signatures to comply with the ballot access statutes of this state. A crew of paid petitioners could do the job to place our statewide slate on the ballot for perhaps a bit less than $250,000. Those ballot access barriers are acknowledged internationally as being the most stringent barriers in the world, and ten times the national average. They serve to deny Georgia voters an opportunity to see their candidates of choice on their ballots. We welcome help from attorneys willing to help us litigate the barriers we face to placing our candidates on the ballot.


We have adopted a Platform, which is subject to amendment at each Annual Convention of the Party. We have adopted and adapted our priority agenda and advocated for Green policy making at the Georgia General Assembly and before many of our local municipal and county governments and their agencies.


We have engaged on the issues. We have sat in the court rooms. We have worked to identify and turnout Green voters. We work to inject Green values into the electoral process, to engage voters on alternatives to the insane and suicidal direction which public policy is taking us.


And we intend to win.


The crisis before us, whether industry driven climate change in our biosphere, imperial wars conducted in our name, paid for with our tax dollars, mass incarceration impoverishing our communities and recreating our nation's race caste system anew, the corporate-military agenda for our children's schools or the drive to generally privatize what is left of our commons; the crisis before us demands that we win.


The conditions we face demand more from us than protest candidacies and grousing in our beer. They demand your participation. They require your voice in the public arena, as letters to the editor, calls to radio shows, your active involvement with your PTAs, your neighborhood associations, your testimony before city councils, county commissions and legislative committees, your knocking on doors to meet your neighbors, tabling at community events, helping us with phone banks.


And for some, the conditions we face demand that we step up and run for public office. If you feel called to public service (whether as an active citizen or a candidate for office or anywhere in between) and you share green values, please let us hear from you. Because mostly, the conditions we face demand that we work together, sharing our experience, skills, talents, resources. The conditions we face demand that "we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor".


Please use the links at the top to subscribe, volunteer, donate and join. We cannot do this without your participation.