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Southern Hospitality for Ballot Access in Georgia

We're going all out until August 6th.

That is the deadline for filing our ballot access petitions to put Green candidates on the Georgia ballot. Obviously, we need all the help we can get. And we intend to ask for 110% of the help we need.

To put our candidates on the ballot, Georgians everywhere need to pick up a clipboard and help us gather the tens of thousands of signatures required. We are also asking out-of-state Greens to come to Georgia, to give of their lives and energy to help Georgia Green candidates surmount the world's most restrictive ballot access barriers. At the end of the day, after collecting signatures in door-to-door canvassing, and when the paperwork is complete, they will need to put their feet up, and rest their heads, so we ask that you consider sharing some "Southern Hospitality" by opening up your hearts and homes to these dedicated "away from home" students and retired and vacationing Greens who are willing to travel to our state, to commit these acts of democracy and to expand the choices available on YOUR ballot.

In fact, your home may be the key to our ability to bring enough help into Georgia to get the signatures collected. While we hope that everyone will pitch in on the weekends, we also need the students and retired and vacationing Greens who are willing to travel to our state to help us surmount these barriers.

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It will take some Southern Hospitality to put the Georgia Green Party and the candidates that we nominate on the ballot in Georgia.  If you can host our out of town guests who will help put Green candidates on your ballot, please use this form to say so.