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While US Citizens Voted, Zionists Destroyed Homes in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

For weeks, in personal conversations with my coworkers, I was pointing to the polling data and asserting that absent outright election theft, which we have seen in recent election cycles and which was certainly a continuing danger in 2012, that Obama would be re-elected. That nightmare has again come true. I have also been clear with folks that no matter who prevailed in Tuesday's horse race, that the one thing we could count on with certainty is that the Finance Class would win the election and that the 99% would lose.

The latest video from the Occupied Palestinian Territories makes it clear that there was another set of winners and losers in Tuesday's balloting; namely the Zionists continued domination at the expense of the Palestinian people and the moral standing of this nation whose tax dollars finance the Israeli settler state's illegal, immoral and genocidal policies against their Palestinian neighbors.

Two videos, one shot Tuesday while Georgia voters were casting their ballots.



and another published four years ago during the 2008 McKinney-Clemente Presidential campaign.



I refrained from using that second video in 2008 in spite of its excellent contrast between our own candidate's position and the Zionist policies advocated by our opponent, because of its tag line. I distinguish my own position from that expressed by those who made this video by urging ALL voters to vote their conscience regardless of whether the media pundits fear-monger them with the swing-state myth. And for an excellent analysis of why ignoring and debunking such myths are so important, I'd recommend: Voting Green in a Swing State and more generally anything published on our Debunking The Spoiled Election Myth page.

Please boycott Catepillar, Hyundai, Hewlett Packard, Motorola and other products and services of the Zionist Occupation.


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