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Join the Georgia Green Party

Where Do I Sign Up? Use this link to
become a member of the Georgia Green Party . Your support and participation will make a difference. To donate money in support of the Georgia Green Party, please use
this link .
When you join your information will be added to our membership database. This database is used in accordance with Georgia Green Party by-laws which restricts use to official Green Party business only. Your information will not be given out for any other purposes.
This information is also used to keep our members informed about Green activities in Georgia. This information helps us be aware of who and where Greens are in Georgia, disseminate calls to action and invitations to work on Green campaigns and to form local affiliates.

  • You will receive notices by mail, email, or phone of our state conventions and Party activities in your county.
  • You will receive our Party's membership publications, which will keep you up to date on our activities and campaigns.
  • You will support the activism of our Party's supporters who are working to build our capacity to make a difference on the issues that are important to you!
  • You will get invitations to meet our candidates.

If your information changes, you move, change phone numbers or switch to a new e-mail account, please let us know so that you can be kept informed of Green events, meetings and campaigns, in your area and across the state.
If you would like to become the Green membership coordinator for your affiliate or to start an affiliate and find out where Greens are in your county, please send a written request to the Georgia Green Party, PO Box 1936, Atlanta, GA 30031. Please allow at least two business weeks for the proper identification and verification of your information to protect our members and in accordance with Georgia Green Party by-laws.