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The Fast in Solidarity with the Georgia Hunger Strikers


I agree that it is time we tear the hood off the polite veneer which suppresses the broad discussion needed about the torture being commited daily with our tax dollars.  
I pledge to join in the solidarity fast one day each week, until the demands of the Georgia hunger strikers are met, until Miguel Jackson receives medical attention and the Hidden Thirty-Seven are reunited with their families in the visiting room, until they have consistent and regular access to the exercise yard and the shower and until they enjoy the simple due process promised by the Standard Operating Procedure to a monthly review of their confinement in 'administrative segregation'.  Miguel Jackson, Georgia Hunger Striker
I pledge to use my weekly participation in the fast as a public witness to spread the word about the conditions we subject Georgia inmates to and to urge that people call the Governor's office at 404-656-1776, Commissioner Owens at 478-992-5258 and The Warden at 770-504-2000.  
I am not willing to avert my eyes from the torture going on in my name, funded with my tax dollars.  I will make my voice, my word and my actions a tool for denying my complicity to those who would commit these crimes in my name.  
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