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July 31 T-SPLOST Referendum to Bail Out Atlanta's Racist BeltLine

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The Atlanta BeltLine, is a massive & racist gentrification scheme funded by diverting billions out of Atlanta's Public School budget to banksters and crooked developers. But those billions aren't enough. To bail out the BeltLine, the governor and Atlanta's black mayor want to levy a one-cent sales tax on Atlanta for streetcars and light rail most of black Atlanta will never ride, for Jim Crow streetcars, when black Atlanta neighborhoods don't even get 24 hour bus or train service. Can the black misleadership class really pull this off?

Real Left vs.Fake Left and a Defense of Oliver Stone

As I have pointed out in  another blog post,  Really Long Link the Democratic Party has long ago ceased to represent a real left in this country. There is in fact very little that resembles a true left wing in official Washington today.

Open Letter to the NSA

To whom it may concern:
I know that the NSA has recently drawn the ire of people from across the political spectrum and indeed from around the world. I assume that in your recent data collections, your agency has found several tweets, Facebook statuses , blog posts etc. that included messages which were addressed to it directly. In other words, they were actually meant for your eyes (unlike the vast majority of our information you receive). I have yet to write such a message, so here it comes.

Popular Self-Emancipation: Defending the Heritage of the Gullah/Geechee Coast By Matthew Quest

By Dr. Matthew Quest (Member of the State Committee of the Georgia Green Party)

The article below elevates to national news the condition and plight of the historical Gullah/Geechee community in the Georgia coast, as they struggle against racism and for economic injustice.  The continued threat of loss of homes or property through exorbitant taxation continues.  It has a long history going back to the failure of the promise of Reconstruction (1865-1877) after slavery and the Civil War.  The Green Party has taken a stand on "reparations to African Americans" (see paragraph three on the human rights section of our party platform

  .  .  .  

This news item underscores that we continue to live under a such a regime, even where administered by people of color, women, whites, or a rainbow coalition.  It is my view that it can only be defeated not just by a program of economic reconstruction but one which strives for direct self-government where ordinary people hold the reins of society.

Far more than most realize, this is the historical legacy of the Gullah/Geechee coast.


The absence of democracy drives up American health care costs

As interesting as these facts may be, John Green manages to avoid the real issues underlying the denial of access to affordable health care to 40-some million U.S. citizens: our system of privately financed elections which guarantees that public policy (including health policy) is made in the interests of campaign contributors, not the interests of voters and citizens.


Audacity of Dope? Yes We Scan?

Steven Hill who has long advocated for proportional representation in US elections now takes on, in prose and song, the surveillance state and the criminality of the regime now occupying the government of our country. I had missed the news that  the NSA has extended surveillance to “three-hops” -- "friends of friends of friends" as Hill summarizes their policy.  These cutting, and insightful words ought to be read far and wide. 
  -- Hugh Esco

Saturday, 24 August 2013 10:11

By Steven HillSpeakOut | Op-Ed 


This president has become a tragic figure, more so every day with each new revelation of how far the surveillance state has been developed and implemented under his watch. And how far they will go -- detaining the partner of reporter Glen Greenwaldinvestigating other reporterssmashing the hard drives of a leading newspaper -- to intimidate journalists and editors trying to report on it. Big Brother is watching, and cracking down on those who want to reveal the King’s secrets. The U.S. even has bugged European Union offices -- supposedly our allies -- and world leaders at international conferences of the G-20.

Consensus wisdom: The boycott of Israel is working

The only way to stop its spread is to end the occupation, say a growing number of prominent voices (none of whom, by the way, support the boycott).

Green to Speak in Augusta, Georgia THIS AUGUST

Medea Benjamin, Green candidate and outspoken leader of Code Pink is scheduled to speak in Augusta , GA. this coming August 2, 3. She will be speaking out against the use of drones and will be signing her recent book on the topic of Drones at the Book Tavern located in downtown Augusta, GA. Hope you can make it.

Kings Legacy Demands We Know Our History

The Frank McGee Sunday Report:

Martin Luther King Profile,

NBC News, May 7, 1967

Many of us will enjoy Monday off as a Federal Holiday. Like so many of the days officially sanctioned for commemoration, the propaganda of what we are to remember of Doctor King cleverly disguises the significance our movement for justice originally attached to them when they were initially added to our calendars.  . . .

The same misinformation campaign is at work with the legacy of Dr. King. But in this 45 year old interview, NBC played excerpts from a speech by Reverend King in which he first publicly described the Vietnam War as an 'evil war'. I dare say the Atlanta Georgia native would also describe U.S. support for last week's invasion of Mali (there is uranium and petroleum at stake) by the French as also evil. I have my doubts the man would have smiled on U.S. direct and proxy imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Somalia, Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Korean Pennisula, Honduras or any of the other nearly 140 nations where US troops are currently based.

. . .

Where Obama's reelection leaves the Green Party and the left in general

One could be excused for wrongly predicting the outcome of last week's presidential election, given the the supposedly tight race that corporate-controlled media made it to be.But Obama's reelection was never really in doubt, the Democrats simply succeeded in using Mitt Romney as a bogeyman,  in order to scare progressives into voting for the president.


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