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AJC "Politifact" Reviews "Top 10 Lies About TSPLOST", Gets It Mostly Wrong

You know something's wrong when your major metropolitan newspaper (which owns both local radio & TV stations as well) has a feature called "Politifact".  Shouldn't the untangling of political fact from fiction be the everyday business of journalism?  But this is the same Journal-Constitution that once assured us returning Iraq vets were suffering the effects of Saddam's never-discovered chemical weapons. 

 AJC's Politifact reviewed the GA Green Party's Top Ten Lies About TSPLOST.  Well, not really.  They looked at just 2 of the 10 points, called one true (that sales taxes are regressive) and another false (that Emory is getting its own light rail line for practically nothing).  

Read what the AJC said yourself here, if you like.  But did Politifact even read the whole Top Ten Lies?  If so, why did they pick out only the most minor points to quibble with?  Do they contain truths so embarrassing to the AJC and the rest of our bipartisan elite that they thought it better not to mention them at all?  

If you haven't read Top Ten Lies About TSPLOST, you can read that here as well.  Want to copy and pass the Top Ten Lies flyer out at your church, community meeting or whatever?  Go for it.  Need a speaker to come talk to you about it?  Email us.  You be the judge.  


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