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Anderson Cooper 360: Death Row Mistake

Anderson Cooper 360 Death Row Mistake/

In summing up the Courts collective rulings, fairness has been sacrificed for finality under the Habeas reforms of Clinton's 1995 crime bill. Chatham County Superior Court Judge Penny Haas Freesemann signed the death warrant for Davis on September 6th, setting the stage for a September 19th Clemency Hearing before the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, and an execution scheduled for 7:00 pm September 21st. Davis' case features Georgia's starving indigent defense system matched against the vast resources of the District Attorneys of Georgia's Judicial Circuits. Witnesses have recanted with affidavits making the case for police and prosecutorial misconduct. In the midst of all this is a man who even still proclaims his innocence. Popes and Congressmembers, a former President and a former prosecutor even have spoken out for a new trial for Troy Davis. We hope you will do that also.