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No Nukes!

Moyers: Fighting the Good Fight

Dr. Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party nominee for President of the United States joins Dr. Margaret Flowers, a boardmember with Healthcare-Now and former Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program who now serves as the Secretary of Health for the Green Shadow Cabinet appointed by Dr. Stein in the immediate aftermath of last year's election.

Maine Green Distinguishes between Begging Power and Building Power

Main Green Asher Platt explains why he sat out the bus ride to last week's XL Pipeline protests in the Nation's Capital. In doing so he comments on what's wrong with Bill McKibben and the Sierra Club's 'begging power' to do the right thing. Rather than give up power during elections, as too many 'environmental' front groups for the corporate parties do, Platt argues we should instead be 'building political power'. As a member of the National Committee of the Green Pary of the United States he offers some concrete suggestions on how best to do that.

See also what David Swanson had to say on the matter in his piece, Pseudo-Protests and Serious Climate Crisis.  

Tired of Begging, ready to build? Get in touch.

U.S. Agency Gave Nuclear Industry a Sweet Deal, Documents Reveal

by Matthew Cardinale

Originally published at InterPress Service

Southern Company’s rate is lower than what college students in the U.S. pay in origination fees on their federal student loans.”

ATLANTA, Georgia, Jun 30 2012 (IPS) - The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) recently won a two-year legal battle to secure documents from the U.S. Department of Energy under the Freedom of Information Act related to nuclear power loan guarantees offered to utility companies under the Barack Obama administration.

Black On The Old Plantation

A Black Agenda Radio Commentary by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Metro Atlanta is now the second largest concentration of African-descended people in North America. But with civil rights organizations firmly in corporate pockets, it's still a spot where the racist corporations like Southern Companies feel free and unashamed to celebrate their history of theft and plunder and future prospects of the same. What does that say about the state of black leadership, about all of us?

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Bankrupt Black Leadership, Nukes and Environmental Racism

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

The same greedy corporations that have long funded white politicians now finance what used to be traditional civil rights organizations like SCLC and an entire new class of black politicians. The cutting loose of black political leaders from their constituencies has dire consequences for the entire American polity.

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If You Love This Planet Interview with Georgia's own Glenn Carroll of Nuclear Watch South

If You Love This Planet with Dr. Helen Caldicott delivers an hour each week ofin-depth discussion about urgent planetary survival issues such as global warming, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, deforestation, toxic pollution, ozone depletion, hunger and poverty, and species extinction. Each program features one major topic, allowing for an extended conversation with our guest or guests.

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Post-Fukushima, Obama gives Nuclear Industry an $8.3b loan guarantee bailout, as residents die of cancer

By: jest, originally published at FireDogLake

In a little noticed story from a few weeks, Obama’s NRC just approved two brand spanking new plants near two other nuclear plants owned by Southern Company, outside Augusta, Georgia.

First, background from CNN:

Loan guarantees pave way for first new U.S. nuclear reactors in years

Feds approve unsafe new nuclear reactors requiring billions of taxpayer dollars

Nuclear Power Plants Threaten Drinking Water for Over Half a Million Georgians

For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – The drinking water for 577,361 people in Georgia could be at risk of radioactive contamination from a leak or accident at a local nuclear power plant, says a new study released today by Environment Georgia Research and Policy Center the Georgia Public Interest Research Group C3 (Georgia PIRG).

Shell Bluff GA Timeline: Demanding Federal Environmental Monitoring Since 1989, and Still Waiting For It

Talk is cheap, and apparently so are promises.  Spurred to action by the epidemic of cancer in their midst, Shell Bluff residents and their allies have sought the testing of their air, water, fish, soil, wildlife and the human beings who live in the area.  Click the link below to see the timeline, originally compiled and published by the good people at Atlanta Womens Action for New Directions. (WAND)

Putting Nukes In A Poor Black Town --- If A Black President Does it, Is That Environmental Racism?

In the weeks since President Obama announced $8.3 billion in loan guarantees to build new nuclear reactors next to an existing pair of nukes in mostly black Burke County, GA, the inconvenient questions, unanswered and mostly unasked, continue to pile up.