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FSRN: Georgia prisoners on hunger strike to protest solitary confinement

Across the US, hunger strikes in response to solitary confinement have been spreading. In California, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado prisoners are engaging in strikes to draw attention to the practice. The protests along with condemnation from human rights groups have made an impact.


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Every 36 Hours: New Report by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement Highlights Human Rights Violations Against Black People

by Kali Akuno

Extra-judicial executions of African Americans occur with appalling, near-daily regularity in the United States, according to a report by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement. Such carnage demands the creation of a movement that “challenges the various forms of state repression and internal colonialism, including racial profiling, extrajudicial killing, mass incarceration, mass deportation, economic exploitation and various forms of displacement.”

Danny Glover & Peter Coyote: Give Me Five

The Cuban 5 came to the U.S. during the 90's to monitor the activities of anti Cuba terrorist groups operating in Miami. Their intention was to stop the attacks that since 1959 have been responsible for the deaths of almost 3,500 innocent people in Cuba. The Five are heroes to the people of Cuba who see them as unarmed defenders of their soverignty and security. They have been in prison in the United States for almost 14 years.

PrsRls: Greens denounce action of Illinois Party County Chairman

In a letter faxed this morning to the Chairman of the Cook County Illinois Green Party, Bruce Dixon, Chair of the Georgia Green Party urged that the Illinois Party official withdraw his challenge to the ballot access petitions filed by competing political parties.


"Our position in support of open ballot access is grounded not in any parochial self-interest we as Greens have in seeing our own candidates on the ballot," wrote Mr. Dixon, himself a Chicago native who relocated to Cobb County Georgia a decade ago, "but in the democratic principle that a voter ought to have the opportunity to cast a ballot for their candidates of choice and to have those ballots counted."

Top Ten Lies About T-SPLOST July 31 Transportation Referendum


We hear this fib every time powerful private interests want to get their hands on our tax dollars. ARC and the Chamber of Commerce said Atlantic Station would bring 30,000 permanent jobs and the BeltLine 70,000. The AFL-CIO, who ought to know, don't believe this nonsense, and refused the mayor's plea to endorse the T-SPLOST.  Even the AJC's Politifact called it a lie.

Nkromo and Greens Petitioning Independence Day

Kwabena Nkromo and Georgia Greens will be out in District 57, petitioning for ballot access, on July 4th.

Is Syrian's "Civil War" Largely a US and NATO Intervention?

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization weighs in on the insurrectionary nature of the Syrian conflict and its potential to generate a larger regional conflict in the Middle East.

U.S. Agency Gave Nuclear Industry a Sweet Deal, Documents Reveal

by Matthew Cardinale

Originally published at InterPress Service

Southern Company’s rate is lower than what college students in the U.S. pay in origination fees on their federal student loans.”

ATLANTA, Georgia, Jun 30 2012 (IPS) - The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) recently won a two-year legal battle to secure documents from the U.S. Department of Energy under the Freedom of Information Act related to nuclear power loan guarantees offered to utility companies under the Barack Obama administration.

Ten Years of No Child Left Behind: Disaster Capitalism in the Schools

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

No Child Left Behind has only been a failure if you believed the hype about its purposes. In fact, NCBL has been a roaring success in using “federal spending as a hammer to impose corporate governance over privatized public schools.” Wall Street has converted publicly-financed education into a no-risk market, teachers unions have been “demonized, demoralized and rendered largely politically inert,” and Black community control of schools is more remote than ever.


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Cynthia McKinney - We define the system, the system does not define us!

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