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The Prison State

JAG lawyer: Gitmo's decade of shame stains U.S.

By Donna Lorraine Barlett (originally published by USA Today)

Domestic drones and their unique dangers

Dismissive claims that drones do nothing more than helicopters and satellites already do are wildly misinformed

AR Drone, WiFi enabled, IPhone controllable

One significant reason why this proliferation of domestic drones has become so likely is the emergence of a powerful drone lobby. I detailed some of how that lobby is functioning here, so will simply note this passage from a recent report from the ACLU of Iowa on its attempts to persuade legislators to enact statutory limits on the use of domestic drones:

"Drones have their own trade group, the Association for Unmanned Aerial Systems International, which includes some of the nation's leading aerospace companies. And Congress now has 'drone caucuses' in both the Senate and House."

Howie Klein has been one of the few people focusing on the massive amounts of money from the drone industry now flowing into the coffers of key Congressional members from both parties in this "drone caucus". Suffice to say, there is an enormous profit to be made from exploiting the domestic drone market, and as usual, that factor is thus far driving the (basically nonexistent) political response to these threats.

Defend Our Immigrant Neighbors, March April 10th, Atlanta

Put April 10th in your calendar now.  We'll be marching in Atlanta to stop deportations and start real immigration reform.

 Repeal Hate Bill 87

March starts at the State Capitol (Washington St. & MLK Dr.) 10:00am April 10th Spread the word on Facebook.

In Georgia, we're all familiar with what's wrong with abusive immigration enforcement. For years, we've been targeted by 287(g) and its gotten worse with S-Comm, HB87, and the student ban.

But in recent years we've also been building a strong movement that's created a consensus for inclusion.  Committees across the state are going to be converging on Atlanta on April 10th to say "Ni uno mas. Not one More." Not one more deportation and not one more day without political equality.

We're on the road to justice and we won't take one step backwards. Plan on being in Atlanta on the 10th in a show of the strength of our unity and th e beauty of our community.

Adelina Nicholls, GLAHR

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Our Green State of the Union

Dr. Jill Stein, 2012 presidential nominee of the Green Party of the United States offers her response to the 2013 State of the Union address by President Barak Obama.


The following remarks were made by Jill Stein on February 12, 2013, before a national video audience in response to the official State of the Union address.

It’s an honor to be here to talk about the real state of our nation. President Obama just finished his speech before Congress. As usual, it was full of inspired, high flying rhetoric, and rosy promises for the future. But it’s important to separate the reality from the stage show. We need a real discussion of where we are, so we can set our priorities right and secure the future for our imperiled families, communities, country and planet.

Rebl Diaz: Guilty